Redefining concrete

Neocrete is a new type of concrete that combines sustainability and high performance.

We are a New Zealand-based company, focused on continuous innovation to make our buildings more sustainable, with a long-term goal of developing carbon-negative concrete. Neocrete is the future of concrete.


Our Story

Neocrete was founded by Zarina Bazoeva and Matt Kennedy-Good in 2018 to help make the construction industry more sustainable.

Neocrete leverages 20 years of innovation by Zarina's father Dr. Oleg Bazoev. The concrete additive he created has been used to add strength and durability to overseas projects ranging from high-rises to hydro-power stations.

New Zealand-based innovation has adapted this high-strength additive to focus on reducing the carbon footprint of concrete.

Technical Information

Our Product

At the core of our innovation are natural pozzolans, processed in a unique way to create Neocrete's D5 Green additive.

D5 Green makes concrete stronger, more durable and waterproof. The additional strength means less cement is required to achieve a specified performance, reducing embodied carbon by 20-40%.

D5 Green is an innovative, environmentally friendly  additive for concretes, mortars, dry building mixtures grouts and cements. 

Neocrete D5 Green is currently used in infrastructure, commercial and residential projects across New Zealand - in schools, galleries, homes and precast panels.  D5 Green’s environmental benefits have been verified through extensive independent testing in Australia and NZ. D5 Green is BRANZ appraised for enhanced durability and water tightness.

Neocrete in the media
Pozzolans — the answer to concrete’s carbon challenge

Building Today, November 2021

Kiwi company Neocrete’s innovation is reducing carbon in concrete — including precast panels in Kainga Ora developments and the Auckland City Rail Link.

In November, world leaders met in Glasgow to discuss more ambitious goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. New Zealand pledged to half emissions by 2030.

One key part of this challenge is the manufacture of concrete, which accounts for 8% of man-made emissions.

Yet we are not about to stop using the most popular product on earth...

Neocrete in the media
Cementing eco-friendly building

Callaghan, September 2021

  • Neocrete’s D5 Green additive can reduce carbon dioxide emissions from concrete production by up to 40%.

  • A Callaghan Innovation-funded research and development (R&D) programme has allowed Neocrete to lab-test its additives, and the durability of concrete made with D5 Green.

  • The R&D programme was carried out by Callaghan Innovation’s Advanced Materials team which specialises in materials science.

  • Neocrete has also created a concrete electronic calculator, allowing ready-mix concrete makers to gauge the environmental impact of their mixes...

Neocrete in the media
High hopes for greenhouse emissions-reducing concrete

Stuff, September 2020

Balancing the need for new homes with the necessity to cut greenhouse emissions may have become easier, with the development of a concrete ingredient said to be able to slash the construction industry’s carbon footprint.

Concrete made with the admixture, D5 Green, was used for the first time in New Zealand - in a house build in the Tasman District - last month.

Manufacturer Neocrete said the powder, made from natural minerals, strengthened concrete by up to 34 per cent.

Adding it to make concrete meant...

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