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Redefining concrete

Neocrete is nano-engineered concrete for the building needs of today and tomorrow - low carbon and resilient to the impacts of climate change.

Our goal is to reduce global carbon emissions by 1% each year - around half a billion tonnes.


Neocrete is the future of concrete.


Our Story

Neocrete was founded in New Zealand in 2018 by Zarina Bazoeva and Matt Kennedy-Good, but our story begins 2,000 years ago in Rome, with the building of the Pantheon and other incredibly durable concrete structures, made with volcanic ash (pozzolans).

Neocrete combines this Roman innovation with nano-technology, to create low carbon concrete with the qualities required for modern construction, while retaining the durability conferred by pozzolans. 

Neocrete's lab and office is based in Parnell in Auckland, and we are building our first production plant.

Technical Information

Our Product

Neocrete creates high-performing, low carbon concrete by replacing cement with the Neocrete Activator and pozzolans (natural or industrial).

Using our Activator, we can replace up to 50% of cement in concrete, when used with industrial pozzolans, and up to 40% when used with natural pozzolans – with no loss in workability or in strength at any age of strength setting. Neocrete will be commercially available in New Zealand from April 2024. We are now accepting early orders and pilot projects.

Neocrete’s previous generation activator, "D5 Green", has been used in infrastructure, commercial and residential projects across New Zealand - in schools, galleries, homes and precast panels.

D5 Green’s environmental benefits have been verified through extensive independent testing in Australia and NZ. D5 Green is BRANZ appraised for enhanced durability and water tightness.


Neocrete Activator is added at 2-4% of cementitious materials. Neocrete Activator technical documentation and EPD will be available early 2024. 

Neocrete in the media
NZ startup aims to slash global emissions from concrete

Newsdesk July 17, 2023

An innovative concrete startup aiming to materially reduce global carbon emissions is seeking to raise $3-4 million for its first production facility. Neocrete is undertaking the capital raise to set up a manufacturing plant and further its R&D efforts, centered around replacing carbon-intensive cement in concrete.

Neocrete, which was founded by Zarina Bazoeva and Matt Kennedy-Good in 2018, aims to fully displace the use of cement in concrete, replacing it with pozzolans (volcanic ash) activated by its proprietary technology, provisionally called Neocrete Activator...


Neocrete in the media
Volcanoes, Romans and nanotech - Neocrete on the radio and TV, 2023

RNZ, TechWeek TV, Spotify

Helping solve concrete's biggest problem

RNZ, June 27 2023

Innovating in a time of crisis

Techweek TV, June 2023 

Replace, Reuse, Recover 

Replace Remove Recover Episode 7 - Reinventing Cement - Replace Remove Recover | Podcast on Spotify June 2023

Neocrete in the media
Championing role of New Zealand female founders in driving growth

E27, 14 July 2023

InvestHER 2023 honours female leaders who are working towards building transnational relationships between New Zealand and the world...

The growing presence of female leaders in the global business landscape has been an inspiring trend in the past decades...

The InvestHER 2023 showcase featured inspiring pitches from 7 successful women leaders, highlighting their achievements and progress in the investment and entrepreneurship..

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