Redefining concrete

Neocrete is a New Zealand-based company focused on reducing the carbon footprint of concrete and improving its performance 

through technology and innovation. 

Neocrete is the exclusive Australasian distributor of D5 products, highly innovative, 

multifunctional admixtures for concretes, mortars, dry building mixtures and grouts.


Our Story

D5 products are based on innovation spanning more than 20 years. Invented by Dr Oleg Bazoev, they have been used in overseas projects ranging from high-rises to hydro-power stations. Neocrete was founded in New Zealand in 2018 by Dr Bazoev’s daughter Zarina Bazoeva and Matt Kennedy-Good. Neocrete’s mission is to improve the performance and sustainability of the building sector.

Technical Information

As well as a 20-year proven track record in major overseas projects, D5 Green’s performance has been tested in New Zealand and Australia using local 

materials. D5 Green’s environmental benefits have been verified through extensive independent testing in Australia and NZ, and researched as part of PHD in one of leading UK universities.

Our Product

D5 Green is an innovative, environmentally friendly  admixture for concretes, mortars, dry building mixtures grouts and cements. D5 Green significantly increases the strength of concrete. This means cement content can be substantially reduced, lowering the carbon footprint of concrete by 16 – 33% without impairing its performance. 

Neocrete in Media
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Useful links
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Concrete and sustainability are two words many think shouldn't be used in the same sentence. However the recent Concrete NZ conference in Dunedin focused on sustainability in the industry, and solution to make concrete more environmentally-friendly.

Neocrete is focused on reducing the carbon footprint of concrete and improving its perormance. Director Zarina Bazoeva spoke to Building Today about the company and its new D5 Green product.

Concrete is usually a good indicator of civilisation. As an inexpensive material, it has enabled cities to be built quickly and easily. Concrete, however, also has a huge carbon footprint, releasing massive amounts of carbon dioxide into

the atmosphere during its production. As we make moves to declare a "climate emergency", how will we balance our city's need for growth with its need to reduce emissions?

Cement has transformed the world, but now threatens to wreck the environment. We need to tax it, now. Cement, the key component of concrete and one of the most widely used manmade materials, is now the cornerstone of global construction. It has shaped the modern environment, but its production has a massive footprint that neither the industry nor governments have been willing to address.

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