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Our Mission:
Reduce global emissions by 1%

Neocrete's mission is to reduce global carbon emissions by 1% each year by 2033 – around half-a-billion tonnes – while making it regenerative and more resilient to climate change.

We're focused on R&D and scaling fast globally, from the Neocrete lab in Auckland, New Zealand.


Our Story

Neocrete was founded in New Zealand in 2018 by Zarina Bazoeva and Matt Kennedy-Good, focused on making carbon neutral, resilient concrete - with no cement. But our story begins 2,000 years earlier...

The most enduring buildings in the world, like the Pantheon, were made by the Ancient Romans, 2,000 years ago, using volcanic ash instead of cement. Zarina's Father, Dr Oleg Bazoev, was inspired by Roman concrete and dedicated his life to making concrete stronger and more durable, with an additive he developed based on Roman technology. 


Dr Bazoev inspired Neocrete's programme to remove cement and thereby carbon, using nano-engineering and chemistry.  

Zarina Bazoeva and Matt Kennedy-Good in Lower Hutt at a successful trial in 2019

World leading innovation

The manufacture of cement releases 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions, when clay and limestone are heated to extreme temperatures to "activate" them. 

Neocrete replaces this "activation" process with our nano-engineered Activator, which is added at just 2-4% of cementitious materials.


Around 900kg of carbon is emitted to make one tonne of cement. Neocrete emits only 50kg per tonne.

Currently we can replace 40-50% of the cement in concrete using our Activator with pozzolans (either industrial or natural pozzolans). 


Ethan and Matt, Neocrete lab, Parnell 


Neocrete has been generously supported by New Zealand industry and government, including LT McGuinness, Higgins Concrete, eHaus, NZ Trade & Enterprise, Callaghan Innovation, Waka Kotahi, Kainga Ora and the Akina Foundation. 

Neocrete was a finalist in the Innovandi Global Cement and Concrete Association Challenge, Sustainable Business Network Climate Action Leader Award and Concrete NZ Sustainability Award. Neocrete is a member of the NZ Green Building Council and Sustainable Business Network. 


We have attracted top talent from New Zealand and around the world, including Stanford and Harvard Universities. If you would like to work with Neocrete in our mission to make concrete carbon neutral, please get in touch - we're hiring!

Neocrete team with Climate Action Leader, highly commended award.

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