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Our Mission

Neocrete's mission is to improve the performance and sustainability of the building sector through technology and innovation.


Our Story

Neocrete was founded in New Zealand in 2018 by Zarina Bazoeva and Matt Kennedy-Good, as a result

of a chance conversation about sustainability and innovation in the building sector.

Relying on Zarina’s family business, and local concrete experts and partners, Neocrete is focused on using new technologies to reduce the environmental impacts of concrete and improve its performance.


Located in Auckland and Wellington, Neocrete Limited

is the exclusive Australasian distributor of D5 products. 

Zarina Bazoeva and Matt Kennedy-Good

Over two decades of innovation 

Neocrete D5 products are based on innovation and constant improvements spanning 20 years. Early versions of D5 were first developed in Russia by Dr Oleg Bazoev, while working towards his PHD. His focus was on improving major properties of concrete with an admixture made from naturally occurring minerals.

D5 was further improved during Oleg’s tenure as Dean of the Civil Engineering Department at the North Caucasus Mining and Metallurgical Institute, where he specialised in Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Constructions. In the late 90s he set up a Scientific and Production Enterprise “Tokar Co. Ltd” which focused on developing multifunctional admixtures for concretes. These admixtures are known as the “D5” family. 

Since then, Dr Oleg Bazoev has registered 8 patents and 2 “know hows”, won multiple international innovation awards and published a number of scientific papers. In 2002, the International Academic Committee (IAACC) awarded Oleg with the professional degree of Doctor of Technology and Engineering in recognition of the achieved educational and professional level and outstanding achievements in the elaboration of new technologies and concretes.

The mission to improve the performance of D5 has become a life-long pursuit for Oleg, when not on the phone to Zarina helping grow Neocrete in New Zealand. D5 products are made from naturally occurring minerals from the Caucasus mountains and a modified plasticiser. 


Dr Oleg Bazoev


Caucasus mountains, source of some of D5 minerals, Image by @sh0tik0

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